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Case Study




A solar services company was experiencing rapid growth, resulting in a changing organizational structure with diverging processes across their network. The company was also managing a differentiated customer base and service sites, but was held back by decentralized data collection, communication challenges and varying processes across the enterprise. This exposed the company to increasing costs and reputational risks, resulting from incidents and claims.


The company needed a comprehensive risk management solution to accommodate its rapid growth, ensure regulatory compliance and to lower costs.



Consistent with eSafety Systems’ standard approach, we began by conducting a risk assessment to determine the most effective solution for the company’s specific needs. We then partnered with the company to create an end-to-end risk management framework inclusive of standard operating procedures for reporting from the field and provided the advanced technology platform to manage the program.


The platform extends mobile functionality to end users and allows on-site teams to engage in real-time safety observations and incident reporting.  Prior to program implementation incident reports took 2-3 days to complete and often had insufficient information.  With the mobile capability and standardized reporting, inclusive of pictures, reports are now available immediately. This significantly improved the investigation process and supported potential litigation. 

Furthermore, management of corrective actions became significantly more effective. 

Corrective actions can be created for each incident and flow into a corrective actions module with automatic communication to all relevant individuals.  These individuals are then able to complete the actions right from the communication.


All regulatory related reports (OSHA 300, 300A, 301) with calculation of days away from work and modified duty are automatically created to ensure regulatory compliance.


The comprehensive and easy to use platform allows management to slice and dice data, conduct root cause analyses and investigations, and to assign training where necessary.  Additionally, the team has been able to more effectively manage return to work and follow claim development to ensure closure as soon as possible. 


Since the start of the program eSafety Systems has been meeting with the company monthly to discuss status and trends of KPIs with a focus on continuous improvement. 


By establishing an effective risk management framework, having the right tools to manage risk and taking a proactive approach, the company realized over $2 million in savings.

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