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Transforming Risk and Safety Management for Nearly Two Decades

Your Partner in Creating a Safer Work Environment

Control losses, reduce costs and increase efficiency with RAMP — an END-TO-END SOLUTION for early risk prevention, risk mitigation and continuous improvement based on ISO45001 methodology.


Why choose eSafety systems?

At eSafety Systems, we’ve been pioneering Safety and Risk Management solutions for nearly two decades.

Our mission is to seamlessly integrate powerful technology with expert Safety and Risk Management services to deliver comprehensive programs that save you money and protect your workforce

Explore our Solutions

Empowering Your Team with Advanced Technology and Expert Services

Discover RAMP (Risk Assessment and Mitigation Program), an innovative solution meticulously crafted for effective safety and risk management. Our unique framework seamlessly integrates data, technology, processes, and people, offering partners a robust system for continuous improvement. Empower your organization with comprehensive tools, ensuring absolute control over every facet of safety and risk management.

What makes us unique

Benefit from 20 years of industry expertise with eSafety Systems. Enjoy the advantages of a dedicated in-house safety team at a fraction of traditional costs. Our powerful software, coupled with professional safety and risk management services, delivers comprehensive programs.


Wizard Based

Add modules, create forms and execute new analytics within minutes.



Save time and resources by integrating with internal and external data sources.


Notifications &

Streamlined internal/external communication, automated messages, and alerts.



Leverage user-specific dashboards to optimize use of data and analytics.



Cloud-based design ensures superior security, reliability and scalability. 


Tailored Support

Get ongoing support from our team of IT professionals for an optimized journey. 


Reporting &
Analytics Tools

Run predictive analytics and create/distribute pre-scheduled reports.


Flexible Hierarchy & Cascading Architecture

Leverage tools and features based on your unique company structure.

Why do businesses need Risk & Safety applications

In today’s competitive landscape, safety is not just a priority; it’s a necessity. Reducing risk is essential for companies and projects with significant exposure to worker safety risks.

Cost Savings: Reduce workers’ compensation costs through fewer incidents and significantly greater efficiency in data collection, reporting, and analytics. On average, our clients achieve a 30% cost reduction.

Regulatory Compliance: With OSHA regulations and ongoing reporting requirements, you need a partner who understands the compliance landscape.

Reputation Protection: Protect your reputation by proactively managing safety risks and demonstrating your commitment to worker well-being.

Competitive Advantage: Win new business and differentiate yourself in the marketplace by showcasing your commitment to safety.

What sets us apart?

eSafety Systems serves as a full-service Safety and Risk Management Solution. This means as a part of your Risk Management team, we are able to provide an end-to-end solution, including implementation and training of your team.

Comprehensive and Tailored Technology: A platform which covers all of your data collection, analytics and reporting needs across both Safety and Risk Management. The system is tailored specifically to our partners’ needs and the wizard-based structure offers significant flexibility to adapt as requirements change.

Affordable In-House Expertise: Enjoy all the benefits of a full IT team at a fraction of the cost.

Continuous Improvement and Cost Reduction: Based on international standards, we build a tailored framework inclusive of pre-condition, post-condition of the process, target KPIs, and a risk indicator to monitor progress.

Benefits of Risk and Safety Management

Stay on schedule, stay safe, and preserve your reputation. Experience dramatically improved performance and increased efficiency with RAMP.

safety and risk prevention

30% cost reduction

safety and risk assessment

70% increased efficiency

safety and risk prevention

65% decrease in incidents

Our Framework - A comprehensive approach to risk management:

Standardize processes to prevent and control losses

Identify and prioritize actions to reduce risk

Align policy, business, and technology to manage this risk


A comprehensive set of tools for key stakeholders in safety and risk management.

safety and risk management
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