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Our Risk Assessment and Mitigation Program (RAMP) brings together data, our proprietary technology, process and people to achieve sustained risk mitigation and cost reduction.


Control losses, reduce costs and increase efficiency with RAMP — an END-TO-END SOLUTION for early risk prevention, risk mitigation and continuous improvement based on ISO45001 methodology.

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Benefits of Risk and Safety Management

Stay on schedule, stay safe, and preserve your reputation. Experience dramatically improved performance and increased efficiency with RAMP.

safety and risk prevention

30% cost reduction

safety and risk assessment

70% increased efficiency

safety and risk prevention

65% decrease in incidents

Our Framework - A comprehensive approach to risk management:

Standardize processes to prevent and control losses

Identify and prioritize actions to reduce risk

Align policy, business, and technology to manage this risk


Our Platform

The RAMP platform optimizes flexibility and functionality, fitting into your unique objectives and evolving as you evolve.


A comprehensive set of tools for key stakeholders in safety and risk management.

safety and risk management

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