Innovative Risk Management Solutions

Enterprise Platform

A customizable user interface that is
Flexible, powerful, and built to expand as
your business needs grow.

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Safety Management

Our patented algorithms take safety management to
an entirely different level of control.

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Risk Management

Our incident management system is effective in not only analyzing claims that we have but in preventing new ones from occurring.

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Large Projects

Collaborative reporting tools
help identify and track
Key Risk Indicators (KRI’s).

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Training Management

Allows companies to effectively track and manage the implementation of their employee training of safety protocols.

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Products that scale with your business, backed by 20 years of software building experience.

The construction industry has long suffered from a lack of unified resolutions for safety and risk management. eSafetySystems specializes in bridging the gap between subpar management reporting techniques and best in class risk and safety management practices. Our system helps project stakeholders more accurately define contractor responsibilities, evaluate hazard trends, and allows for more efficient workforce distributions. Through our proprietary data collection and reporting methods, we are able to help our clients mitigate risk and increase profitability for projects of any size.


Innovative Tactics

  •  Comprehensive Trend Analysis Abilities
  •  Audit and Inspections That Allow for Timely Corrective Actions
  •  One-of-a-Kind Platform
  •  Secure, Patented Communication Process for Stakeholders at All Levels
  •  Secure In-Form Application Process

Streamlined Workflow

  •  Over 25 Customizable Modules
  •  Quick Product Adjustments
  •  More Efficient Payroll Collection

Unprecedented Support

  •  Service-Based Architecture - Receive an Unprecedented Level of Support
  •  Built-in Virtual Assistant for Scheduled Inspections, Incident Reporting, Safety Plans, and Training
All of our solutions are priced far below our competitors. Our software is included at no additional cost with your service plan.

There are absolutely no
licenses to buy, ever.

Our clients span across industries and geographies.

Find out why our clients repeatedly report…

Increased Profitability

Substantially Lower Insurance Costs

Improved Company Marketability

Put simply, our process works.
eSafetySystems clients continually experience recordable incident rates that are far below industry norms.
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"You made it so simple. The site is so easy to use from the start, and our field people are very happy with the Ipad/phone inspection app functionality. It is fast, efficient & easy to work with. Thanks, guys!"

"Your risk system has made a significant difference to our safety/risk management process. Over the last year we’ve seen an 85% decrease in incidents which has been pretty remarkable. I’d always like to see any new additions that I bet will be useful for us!"

"The set of reports that you have created for us are extremely useful! We were able to predict incident rate, monitor & improve safety performance, just by simply analyzing those reports"

"I wanted to praise your support team on amazing job they are doing for us. Every request or question was handled not just on timely basis but with a personal touch! Good job!"

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Program (RAMP)

Standardization + Continuous Improvements + Enterprise System = Reduced Incidents

By streamlining risk and safety management processes and paving the way to continuously improve,
 we are able to reduce incidents and significantly improve results. 
This comprehensive program combines powerful software, a customized set of standard operating procedures and client support.
We are closing the gap between inefficient processes and effective risk management practices resulting in a safer, more profitable work environment. 
No other company offers the flexibility and support that eSafetySystems does.